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Wheel Hub/ Spindle Assembly in Billet Aluminum

As you may have seen in my previous drawings elaborating upon my the braking system, I’ve found some great references from which to design from. Everyone knows that Formula 1 is by far the most extreme case for car/technological development … Continue reading

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I’ve been referencing multiple sources in order to Draft the components of the vehicle in the correct dimensions. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun later on when I have to utilize the nifty and oh-so-neglected caliper reading

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Blueprinting the Car step by step, one source at a time.

I’ve been away from the car so I haven’t gotten much of a chance to work on it. Mad Hatter (Alex) and I removed all of the A/C components the last time we were at it and right now I’m … Continue reading

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New Blog. Old Build. New venture!

For years, I’ve been trying to organize my automotive build going from one forum to the next, one thread to the other. It was time that I decided to start my own blog to properly document the process of this … Continue reading

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