I’ve been referencing multiple sources in order to Draft the components of the vehicle in the correct dimensions. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun later on when I have to utilize the nifty and oh-so-neglected caliper to confirm all of my dimensions. The trouble I’ve been running into is what Nissan is giving me, via their FSM (Factory Service Manual).

1995 Nissan Altima Factory Service Manual

I must say that I love this manual as it provides me with the bulk amount of chassis dimensions in both 2 dimension and 3 dimension. The reality of the fact is that Nissan has a 3d-digital model of the entire car somewhere via whichever software they use (ie: Samson PLX) a program which Fiat uses to develop their own vehicles. Unfortunately I would not know where to begin, or, whom to pay, to get these cad models/drawings because that would make my life a whole lot easier. For now, I have to work off the FSM, but I only wish it was more correct. As you can see in the picture above, the ‘body & trim’ tab provides me with chassis dimensions.

Chassis Dimensions

As I have been drawing out the chassis, I have utilitzed certain horizontal reference points and followed precisely to the point, but my chassis drawing looks TOTALLY different, not to mention that some cross reference points have a 2-3mm variance. This confuses me… I don’t want to continue modelling off of the wrong dimensions but I’ve done everything correctly.

Chassis Draft

Anyhow… I’m sure I’ll be able to sort that out. Other source I have utilized are and Rockauto provides aftermarket and OEM replacement parts for multiple vehicles and not only that, the manufacturers create profiles of the parts with DIMENSIONS. Just what I need. Wilwood is good enough to it’s customers to create PDF profiles for each individual component and that is how I’ve been able to dimension my brakes and rotors.

I see the beginning of some brake ducting in there. But then again… it is MY drawing. I will be off to Vancouver tomorrow and I will be back on June 8th. From there I hope to show you guys some before and after shots of my KA24DE head.


– Billy


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