Some new Crower Engine Components

So I was looking into some Cams as advised by my friend ‘Mad Hatter’ and he had suggested Crower. Now I knew ‘Brian Crower’ made cams for the KA24DE  (engine code) but it is mostly used in a longitudinal (engine is parallel to the length of the car) engine setup. Us FWD (front wheel drive) guys have a transverse engine setup and our distributors and timing components are mounted in different positions. That being said, we can not use the cams from the 240sx. Life can suck sometimes….

Fortunately, Brian Crower, Jim Wolf Technology, PDM Racing, and a number of different US manufacturers have taken the time to develop some more cams for our application, and as an added bonus, we discovered that Crower made some too.

What’s the difference between ‘Crower’ and ‘Brian Crower’ you may ask?

The only thing I know is that I’ve heard of notorious issues regarding ‘Brian Crower’ items when it comes to their machining tolerances and the perfection of the final product. I cannot refer to a specific internet reference so what I type can/could/may be taken as hearsay. Crower on the other hand is a well distinguished brand amongst the domestic/import scene and their catalogue fulfills a variety of applications from big and small bloc Chevy’s to Mitsubishi 4g63’s, you name it.

Here are the specifications of the Cams I looked at for the altima.

Sorry guys. The noob in me says that’s the largest I can get the specification pdf so I’ll retype the specifications.

  • Lobe Center: 114 Degrees
  • Intake Duration: 280
  • Exhaust Duration: 280
  • Intake Duration @ 0.50″: 222 degree
  • Exhaust Duration @ 0.50″: 222 degree
  • Gross Lift: 0.401″

And some eye candy.

I’ll take some time in the coming future to explain to you the benefits of these cams vs. a stock nissan altima cam profile.


–  Billy


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One Response to Some new Crower Engine Components

  1. blackalti says:

    i know we dont see eye to eye all the time but, i REALLY love reading your blog…its so informative…i like how you break it down as to how the part’s actually work…hopefully this get’s a lot of hit’s and we dont have so many misinformed noob’s 🙂

    keep up the awesome work,

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