Time Lapse Video: Racing Car Builds

If you have noticed from my blog postings, I tend to be all over the place in terms of the development of the car. Sometimes I’m working on suspension. Other times I develop the engine or even inquire into the odd calculations. This is the result of having limited resources, and limited time to properly document the U13 chassis from ground up. Watching the following videos provides me with a set of guidelines as to how I can streamline my efforts to make this U13 build more efficient. Firstly… It seems like I should most definitely search for a chassis rotisserie, and probably my own garage to work in, outside of pissing off my father with my overwhelming use of his house. Without further delay, my first video posting from the Team West Coast Racing BMW Z4 GT3.

One can already imagine how much time was spent carefully laying out all components of the chassis. Special note is given to how the underside of the chassis near the firewall is coated with heat reflective material ie: gold foil. You can also see that the roll cage is integrated to the chassis and is utilized for it’s structural rigidity, thereby replacing the hood and body pillars from their duties. This allows the pillars and roof to be replaced with lightweight composites. The video is amazing but it doesn’t really give you an impression on how much time is spent building a race car, fortunately, the Subaru Rally Team USA provided yet another amazing time lapse video, with a countdown clock to show us just how much time it really takes to do all that work.

One of the many reasons why these cars are compiled and pieced together at such an efficient rate is due to the fact that many parts have been design-fabricated before actual installation. That means an even greater number of hours have been directed towards the development of the car. Even though it took a solid 800 hours to complete the Subaru rally chassis, two to three folds of time was probably spent on the design of the chassis, if not more.

Lastly. The Bailey Blade. The ultimate dream of designing ones own car.

All that insulation.. Must be a very warm car. jk. Notice how all three of these videos prescribe a large amount of space for a car build. Organization is a key factor to being efficient and saving time. Let’s go ahead and calculate an approximately amount of time needed for me to redevelop the U13 Chassis, utilizing these videos and rough approximations of timeline.

800 Hours of fabrication? That’s if I had everything completed in house. Let’s say all of the custom body components and chassis welding? Painting. etc. Let’s just round it off to a good 1600 Hours.

Chassis Design. To date I’ve spent say… 4-5 hours converting chassis dimensions to cad and 3d modelling. I expect the total hours it would take for me to design the chassis, flow test engine components, and design Aerodynamics would probably taken me in excess of 2000 Hours.

3600 hours as a rough estimate, with approximately 1-2 hours of dedication per day, results in approximately 10 years. Yes… 10 years. gag.

Now… I’m probably going to spend more time on weekends, but I’m not going to give myself any false hopes. Let’s just prey that I make good money in the next couple of years and then I can send some of the work out to local shops or engineers.

– Billy


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