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Blue 808 Corvette Build x 3

Hey all I thought I’d continue with some of the videos that I’ve been posting and display the three videos available from Blue 808 Drift team a la Andrew Bohan. Cheers – Billy Advertisements

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The beginning.

I’ve received a lot of comments regarding the lack of actual ‘build’ on my blog. I’m also pretty sure everyone loves a heap load of images so I thought I would post some of the first day I got the … Continue reading

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front Grille Continued. PVA.

This next step continues with the Mold Release process by using a chemical agent called Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA). PVA is typically sprayed on top of a mold as a mold release agent. The chemical forms a very thin film over … Continue reading

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Pistons, Coatings and Options

Many import enthusiasts have visited Motoiq at one point or another and they must have seen the representation for WPC coating products. I too was very interested in their coating technology, in the sense that it is not a coating, … Continue reading

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Some work on my front Grille

I am currently prepping my front grille for some composite work. After reading a substantial amount of literature and conversations with experienced professionals, I’ve decided to take on the task of building an overlay composite, but have the worked-on-pieces disband … Continue reading

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Suspension Camera shows how your hard earned cash works

This video is brought to you buy the guys at for their Rolex GT BMW M3 brought to you by Veloz Media. Enjoy!

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Japanese Domestic Market Valve Cover for the KA24DE

I recently got the benefit of fellow Nissan Altima Members: avatar *Sealti96* and *JayJaya29* This unique valve cover is from the nissan R’nessa, an Asia specific Nissan Wagon produced iirc from 1997 to 2001 Here is the link to the … Continue reading

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