Some work on my front Grille

I am currently prepping my front grille for some composite work.

After reading a substantial amount of literature and conversations with experienced professionals, I’ve decided to take on the task of building an overlay composite, but have the worked-on-pieces disband once they have been made. The standalone composite material will have OEM attachment points re-bonded as to maintain continuity with the rest of the aero-package.

The first stage I used was a Mold-Release. Some swear by Meguiars Mold-Release Wax #08 but I had difficulty finding it locally. I switched to a local marine use Mold-Release for a lesser price.

It was recommended to me to clean the OEM piece with acetone and other cleaners thoroughly. You would not believe how much dirt and grim comes off these parts and what’s left of the clearcoat.

I used this really expensive paper towel which I had ‘acquired’ from a local Hotel.

This stuff was as thick as 4-ply with the consistency of Shop Towels but as soft as the rear-end of the puppies in those Royal commercials.

The Mold-Release wax is to be applied in a circular motion with a 10-minute drying time in between coats.  I applied a total of 5 coats of this wax, as specified by professionals. The wax shall be buffed off in between each coat and polished so that the next coat can go on properly.

I am concerned about some of the pitting that was on the original component but I thoroughly cleaned the piece. The Mold-Release wax is the first stage of the composite process.

– Billy


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