Pistons, Coatings and Options

Many import enthusiasts have visited Motoiq at one point or another and they must have seen the representation for WPC coating products. I too was very interested in their coating technology, in the sense that it is not a coating, but a surface application similar to shot-peening.

Being that I’m located up here in the Northeast, I would have to send any components that I need to California, where WPC is located. In discussion with other well respected enthusiasts, a decision was made to consider other alternatives. There are also substantial costs related to the WPC coating process from which I did not inquire upon. Quite frankly, everyone told me I have better ways of spending my money.

Many have considered Swain coatings designed and processed by Swain Technologies. Swain technologies has a coating system for all critical components of your engine. They coat everything from your crankshaft bearings, cam bearings, piston skirts to combustion chambers. Anything on anywhere from which you require the isolation and distribution of heat.

In any internal combustion engine, heat is the ‘typical’ enemy. You don’t want heat to show up where it is unwanted, and that is a critical part of managing your powerplant. It can rob power from your setup, destroy essential components and increase harmful emissions. These symptoms can be easily compounded in a forced induction setup. In any professional racing series, the battle against heat can be seen from Drifter’s water-misting their cooling systems to aerodynamically-induced cooling in formula series.

For the Nissan KA24DE power-plant, several aftermarket manufacturers offer coatings their components. Wiseco for example, offers a ”ArmorGlide™” coating for their piston’s, specifically their piston skirts. As a result of their extensive tests:

“The outcome is the ultimate in skirt coating toughness, lubrication, and bond technology working together to minimize friction, maximize horsepower, and provide improved wear resistance. Not only is ArmorGlide™ a high-tech lubricant that reduces friction, but it also allows the piston to be fitted tighter within the bore allowing a better ring seal and reduced noise from piston rock.”

These anti-friction coatings help reduce the amount of heat generated by your pistons as it navigates up and down your cylinders. The coating itself can be scuffed or scratched off, but the purpose of the coating is to attract your lubricants (engine oil) to sit on the piston skirts for a longer period of time. The reduction of heat also reduces the amount your pistons expand and contract. This will effect the longevity of your piston rings and help maintain the compression values, essentially extending the life of your engine.


– Billy


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