The beginning.

I’ve received a lot of comments regarding the lack of actual ‘build’ on my blog. I’m also pretty sure everyone loves a heap load of images so I thought I would post some of the first day I got the car, back in 2007.

At the time it was a 1996 sports edition model with a 4-speed automatic transmission and approximately 219,000 km (136,000 miles). The battery was dead so I had to bring my own, and as you can see from the picture above, the car key was left in the trunk lid.

As you can see on the chassis, there is a some corrosion damage as I am located within the salt belt. The car had a blue/teal suede like interior and sport bucket seats. The engine ran rough and it had a hole in the exhaust. This was the most decent chassis I had run into in my area and I paid 1700 cdn for it.

– Billy


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