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Hey all I’ll be heading out to Asia for the next month or so for Vacation. In the mean time I’m working on completing my Graduate thesis so I’m sorry for the downtime. I have been fiddling around with the … Continue reading

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Carbon Fiber Trunk

So I’m one of those enthusiasts that loves the efficiency of a lightweight chassis. A lot of people achieve that by utilizing carbon fiber, in other words, I’m a carbon whore lol I had multiple body panel components hanging in … Continue reading

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Brian Crower FCW – Knife Edged & Balanced

Continuing with the development of the crankshaft, work was given to Gord Bush to develop the piece so that it could run as efficient as possible. This included a process called Knife Edging. The large masses of the counterweight create … Continue reading

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Brian Crower FCW – Making the Better Good, Gooder, Good-er.

When I first got the crankshaft I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the piece and the craftsmanship. BC does all of their milling and machining in house and they came out with an exceptional product. I was however … Continue reading

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Brian Crower Fully Counterweighted Crankshaft for the KA24DE

One of the many issues with the ka24de is that it has a long stroke. At the same time a lot of people love that stroke because it gives you the sensation of torque that a lot of us enthusiasts … Continue reading

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