Carbon Fiber Trunk

So I’m one of those enthusiasts that loves the efficiency of a lightweight chassis. A lot of people achieve that by utilizing carbon fiber, in other words, I’m a carbon whore lol

I had multiple body panel components hanging in my bedroom for eons before I finally purchased this build chassis and it was time to put them on the car, get them out of my room before they fell on me while I slept.

The first component I wanted to test fit was my Carbon Fiber Trunk, produced by Chaser Aerodynamics. I had waited several weeks for the piece and when it came, it came damaged. Woot. Unfortunately for me, it was also their last one so I bit the bullet and sucked it up. The original trunk utilizes two bars in torsion to allow the trunk to easily swing open when needed. This negates the actual fact that the oem trunk lid weighs upwards of 35lb. The aftermarket Carbon component weighs 12lb. This piece is wet-carbon, and does not appear to be a fiberglass overlay *single sheet of carbon laid on top of fiberglass for aesthetic effect*. It has a FPR substructure and seems to be made pretty well.

As a temporary solution I have placed a layer of clear vinyl over it to protect it. I have yet to think of a way to correct and re-finish this issue so if you guys know a good method, please, do tell.

Fitting the piece took a lot of adjustment, a lot of back and forth, left and right. At the end of the day the point was to make sure that the trunk lid did not leak, and that the clearances weren’t TOO substantial from the rest of the bodywork. I think I did a decent job.


– Billy


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