CP Pistons Specification

Bore Diameter: 3.524″ (89.5mm)
Clearance: 0.0035″ (0.0889mm)
Compression Height: 1.339″ (34.01mm)
Piston Size at Gauge Point 0.5″ (12.7mm) up from Bottom of Skirt 3.5205″ (89.42mm)
Top Groove Width: 0.04″ (1.016mm)
2nd Groove Width: 0.048″ (1.2192mm)
3rd Groove Width: 0.111″ (2.8194mm)

Top Groove Diameter: 3.223″ (81.864mm)
2nd Groove Diameter: 3.181″ (80.7974mm)
3rd Groove Diameter: 3.209″ (81.509mm)

Dish Depth: -0.215″ (-5.461mm)
Pin Diameter: 0.927″ (23.546mm)
Pin Length: 2.5″ (63.5mm)
Lock Type: .063 Wire

Weight: 346 grams (0.762lbs. each) *4= 3.048 lbs.

Current rotating assembly weight tally: 45.32 + 3.05 = 48.37 lbs.


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