Suspension Geometry information

Just updated the web-blog with suspension specifications and parts codes for references.

All of the recent posts relate to specifications as I am slowly modelling the vehicle.

Parallel Linkage to Subframe Rod End
Major Diameter: 18.16mm (M18) [0.714”]
Minor Diameter:17.14mm
Thread Pitch: 16 in 1inch (0.0625mm)
Right Hand Thread
Ball Bore: 16.14mm 0.625”]
Linkage Length:

Toe Arm Linkage
Rod End Ball bore:
Rod End Thread Pitch: 1.5
Rod End Thread size: M18
Linkage Length:

Tie Rod
Outer Rod end Ball Bore:
Outer Rod end thread size:

Inner tie rod outside thead size:
Inner tie rod inside thread size:

D2 Coilovers
D2 Monotube Struts are 50mm in diameter

Torrington NTA-4052 Needle Thrust Bearing Cage And Roller Assembly x4
Bore Diameter: 2.5”
Outside Diameter: 3.25”
Overall Width: 0.0781”
Torrington TRA-4052 Needle Thrust Bearing Race x 8
Bore Diameter: 2.5”
Outside Diameter: 3.25”
Overall Width: 0.032”

Front Suspension Travel:
Compressed: 3 ½”
Spring I.D.: 2.5”
Front Main spring rate: 500lb. (9K)
Front Main spring Coils: 6
Front Main Spring Length: 6”
Front strut spare height: 2.5”
Front Tender spring rate: (200lb.)
Tender spring Coils: 5
Tender spring OD: 89mm
Tender spring height (Free Length): 3.54” (90mm)
Front Rate before Primary Spring:143lb.

Rear Suspension Travel:
Free: 5 7/8” from fender to edge of wheel
Compressed: 3 ½”
Spring I.D.: 2.5”
Rear Main spring rate: 440lb. (8k)
Rear Main spring Coils: 6
Rear Main Spring Length:8”
Rear strut spare height: 5”
Rear Tender spring rate: (150lb.)
Tender spring Coils:7
Tender spring OD:89mm
Tender spring height (Free Length): 101.5mm
Rear Drop Zone Top Hat
perch hole I.D: 22mm
height of hat: 12.96mm
Cusco Camber Plate Ball Bore: 18mm
Cusco Camber Plate Ball Diameter: 25mm
D2 dampening strut: 12mm
Rear Tender Rate before Primary Spring:112lb.

CAMBER (July 25, 2009)
FRONT DRIVER: – 2.4 degrees
REAR DRIVER: -1.8 degrees

Front Endlinks
Ball bore:10mm

Rear Endlinks
Inner bolts: 15mm
Outer bolt: 16mm
Ball Bore: 10mm

Front Sway Bar

Rear Sway Bar
Diameter: 22mm (7/8”)

240sx s14 rear suspension
The rear suspension tends to toe IN under acceleration/etc.
– Toe in helps with power-down out of a corner with the rear multi-link setup, and gives better stability throughout corners, as opposed to the twitchy toe out condition.
– Running 0 static toe in the rear, and having mostly upgraded/spherical bearings will decrease the amount of toe in throughout compression/droop, and using the specs plotted above, I should see all toe in, and NO toe out. (desirable).


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