Engine Performance Calculations

Mean Piston Speed

MPS = 2 * Stroke * RPM / 60

@ 3500 RPM
MPS = 2*(96/1000)*3500/ 60
= 11.2 m/s

@ 7500 RPM
= 24 m/s

@ 8000 RPM
MPS = 2*(96/1000)*8000/ 60
= 25.6 m/s

Stock Honda S2k has a MSP of 25.2 m/s where as F1 cars have upwards of 25 + m/s.

Stroke Bore Ratio
Stroke: 96mm
Bore: 89.5mm
Ratio: stroke/bore
= 1.07

KA is considered a long stroke engine just barely with the CP .20 bore pistons. The engine is just out of square with a 1:1.07 ratio.

Estimated Engine Displacement with new pistons:
Original: 2389 cc
New: 2410 cc


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2 Responses to Engine Performance Calculations

  1. Eric says:

    Hi, I’ve a friend who said using dual spring setup will cause unpredictable handling behavior because all the coils would enter bind at a different time and that all the coils would bind independently of each other… What is your experience with the duel spring setup VS your old/oem single spring setup? How is it holding up at the track, and what benefit did this setup gave you over the old one?


    • awdaltima says:

      hey mate.
      sorry for the late reply but a reply none the less.

      Valve springs can coil bind depending on what type of cam profile you run. If you don’t bind then you don’t have a problem with the independing spring rates. The dual setup is supposed to run in tandom with each other and due to the seat position and seat heights, the inner and outer springs are supposed to be balanced harmoniously.

      Honestly… I’ve noticed NOTHING between my old singles and the new doubles. The biggest difference were the cams themselves. I can barely tell if the springs have an impact.

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