Update: getting the car on the road

Hey all

I can no longer wait and complete the AWD project at this time. The garage will no longer be available as of May, so I need to get her back up and running. This post is also for Jermaine (a.k.a. ninety9gle ) because he asked for an update, and also because he needs an appropriate reference for how NOT to ghetto out a car.

Here are some progress images for the radiator setup. The radiator is an mishimoto Sr20 setup and FAL dual puller fans. Due to the new turbo manifold and downpipe, I don’t have enough room to run the prior and oem radiator + fan setup. I’ve had to modify the lower radiator mounts so that I can run the rad on an angle. In addition, I’ve removed the hood latch and I’m switching to aero-catch locking hood pins.

tight clearance to the headlight.

The top of the radiator has been pushed out towards the front grille and sits on a 10 degree angle. The top radiator mounting tabs are custom. This isn’t so much an attempt at a V-mount as it is necessity.

The tight space between the fan motor and one of the exhaust manifold runners is a concern. I am considering the need to wrap this runner in exhaust heat wrap.

Here are some other images for those who have not seen my setup.


That’s it for now.

– Billy


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One Response to Update: getting the car on the road

  1. Jae says:

    Nice work Billy.

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