Build Update

I’m splitting my time between work and play, and then there is the build.

A lot of progress has been made but yet there is still so much to do. When I spent all that time  dismantling everything…I didn’t realize exactly how much I did until I had to put it all back together. Loctite. Torque specs. Factory Service Manual. Proper.

On components that do not have specifications, I’m left in a bit of confusion. For example:

My new exhaust manifold is great. I love it. It promises significant increases in flow over my old turbonetics log manifold. That is not without compromise as seen in the prior images (fitment issues). Well the fitment woes continue today as I try to setup my oil return lines. This manifold is used, and the seller provided me with his return line and I have no idea how he managed to get it through this traffic jam of piping.

I’m using a lot of DEI wrap to keep the heat in the exhaust and downpipe. I’m going to have to figure out a way to snake the turbo return line to that -10 an male fitting on the lower left. You cannot even see the turbo outlet….

– awdaltima


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