DIY Carbon Fiber: Door cards

Even though I decided to vinyl my front grille, rather than carbon fiber it, it’s only temporary. For now, I am transferring my carbon fiber efforts to lighten up the interior and door cards. This will give me practice to work with the material, straighten out the weave and to make sure the carbon work on the outside of the car will be nice and clean. I emphasize nice and clean because DIY carbon fiber is not as easy as the internet may make it seem.

I took the effort to strip the door cards, remove the existing fabric and vinyl. I put down a thick layer of mold release wax and then two coats of PVA.  I laid down the carbon and wet-applied the resin. Here’s the first layer. 

It might look pretty like a pretty good picture but the weave has some inconsistencies that I want to cover with the 2nd layer. I hope the end product will look much better. More to come.

– Billy


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  1. mike moss says:

    Check your PMs on TOP!

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