DIY Vinyl Car Wrap

So this is the first step that I took towards wrapping the car, well the second step after the grille really. I’m only going to show the results in this post because I did not have my camera with me at the time. I’m going to do the drivers side fender tonight and I’ll post more pictures of the entire process, and the tools involved.

What do you think? I’m iffy about it… Sometimes it looks like primer. Other times, it looks like this deep, almost satin like finish. I guess I need to finish more panels to really get a feeling of the car. ATM, I think its horrible. The car is 4 different colours….. it makes me sad. Better get working!

– Billy


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2 Responses to DIY Vinyl Car Wrap

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the great work! I read every post.

  2. SR20DET Alty says:

    once its all finished it will look perfect 🙂

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