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DIY Vinyl Wrap: Day 2

Well I actually got 2 fenders done today. The process gets a lot quicker with practice and you learn how to work with the material. The fenders are the smallest pieces on my car, other than ground effects. Its best … Continue reading

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DIY Vinyl Car Wrap

So this is the first step that I took towards wrapping the car, well the second step after the grille really. I’m only going to show the results in this post because I did not have my camera with me … Continue reading

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Nissan Altima Aftermarket Suspension Setup

This post will explain my aftermarket suspension setup. It will also showcase how to clean your suspension setup or ‘overhaul’ the components, a process that should be done at least once a year. Not everyone gets the luxury of rebuilding … Continue reading

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DIY Carbon Fiber: Door cards

Even though I decided to vinyl my front grille, rather than carbon fiber it, it’s only temporary. For now, I am transferring my carbon fiber efforts to lighten up the interior and door cards. This will give me practice to … Continue reading

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Sick of destroying dash(an) fittings

Following up on the prior posts with my tilt mounted radiator, I had some work done to the filler neck which required hydraulic fittings. I got my buddy over at Peak Velocity to weld on some -10 male and female … Continue reading

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Happy Happy

Very happy to update that I have been reviewing chassis dimensions and that the S13 rear subframe is the closest RWD subframe which can fit the 1995 nissan altima. No changes are required in the Z axis, which is the … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading a lot about clutches of late. Trying to understand how to translate the engine power into the drivetrain, and how to reduce drivetrain loss as much as possible as sooner or later, the awd system will go … Continue reading

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