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Do it yourself. Who the hell needs a mechanic when you are an ALL-STAR

DIY Vinyl Wrap: Day 2

Well I actually got 2 fenders done today. The process gets a lot quicker with practice and you learn how to work with the material. The fenders are the smallest pieces on my car, other than ground effects. Its best … Continue reading

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DIY Vinyl Car Wrap

So this is the first step that I took towards wrapping the car, well the second step after the grille really. I’m only going to show the results in this post because I did not have my camera with me … Continue reading

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DIY Carbon Fiber: Door cards

Even though I decided to vinyl my front grille, rather than carbon fiber it, it’s only temporary. For now, I am transferring my carbon fiber efforts to lighten up the interior and door cards. This will give me practice to … Continue reading

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Sick of destroying dash(an) fittings

Following up on the prior posts with my tilt mounted radiator, I had some work done to the filler neck which required hydraulic fittings. I got my buddy over at Peak Velocity to weld on some -10 male and female … Continue reading

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Brian Crower FCW – Knife Edged & Balanced

Continuing with the development of the crankshaft, work was given to Gord Bush to develop the piece so that it could run as efficient as possible. This included a process called Knife Edging. The large masses of the counterweight create … Continue reading

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Some work on my front Grille

I am currently prepping my front grille for some composite work. After reading a substantial amount of literature and conversations with experienced professionals, I’ve decided to take on the task of building an overlay composite, but have the worked-on-pieces disband … Continue reading

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How to: Reading Spark Plugs – Heat Ranges and Conditions

Have you ever pulled out your spark plugs, taken a look… and then discovering you really don’t know the condition of the plug? Unless you are documenting the mileage on each part you replace, most of us novice enthusiasts end … Continue reading

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