A preview

Hey all

The car is still at the shop. I’m pretty upset at how long it has taken to do a 2 hour job. It’s been sitting outside for a month. If I didn’t have a car cover, they would have left it in a mound of poop.

Anyways. Here is a preview of how the car will look like:


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Build Update

I’m splitting my time between work and play, and then there is the build.

A lot of progress has been made but yet there is still so much to do. When I spent all that time  dismantling everything…I didn’t realize exactly how much I did until I had to put it all back together. Loctite. Torque specs. Factory Service Manual. Proper.

On components that do not have specifications, I’m left in a bit of confusion. For example:

My new exhaust manifold is great. I love it. It promises significant increases in flow over my old turbonetics log manifold. That is not without compromise as seen in the prior images (fitment issues). Well the fitment woes continue today as I try to setup my oil return lines. This manifold is used, and the seller provided me with his return line and I have no idea how he managed to get it through this traffic jam of piping.

I’m using a lot of DEI wrap to keep the heat in the exhaust and downpipe. I’m going to have to figure out a way to snake the turbo return line to that -10 an male fitting on the lower left. You cannot even see the turbo outlet….

– awdaltima

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Update: getting the car on the road

Hey all

I can no longer wait and complete the AWD project at this time. The garage will no longer be available as of May, so I need to get her back up and running. This post is also for Jermaine (a.k.a. ninety9gle ) because he asked for an update, and also because he needs an appropriate reference for how NOT to ghetto out a car.

Here are some progress images for the radiator setup. The radiator is an mishimoto Sr20 setup and FAL dual puller fans. Due to the new turbo manifold and downpipe, I don’t have enough room to run the prior and oem radiator + fan setup. I’ve had to modify the lower radiator mounts so that I can run the rad on an angle. In addition, I’ve removed the hood latch and I’m switching to aero-catch locking hood pins.

tight clearance to the headlight.

The top of the radiator has been pushed out towards the front grille and sits on a 10 degree angle. The top radiator mounting tabs are custom. This isn’t so much an attempt at a V-mount as it is necessity.

The tight space between the fan motor and one of the exhaust manifold runners is a concern. I am considering the need to wrap this runner in exhaust heat wrap.

Here are some other images for those who have not seen my setup.


That’s it for now.

– Billy

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Supertech Valve & Valve Spring Dimensions for the KA24DE

Nissan KA24DE 2.4lts DOHC
Head Diam Stem Diam Length Black Nitrided Head Diam Stem Diam Length Black Nitrided
240 SX/Altima 91-99 36.60mm
(std) 6.97mm 101.32mm NIVN-1… 31.80mm
(+0.5) 6.94mm 99.00mm NEVN-1…
(+0.5) NIVN-1… 32.00mm
(+0.7) NEVI-1…
VALVE SPRINGS Outer Spring Inner Spring Pressure Max Lift Coil Bind Rate Titanium Retainer
Part Number O.D. (MM) I.D. (MM) O.D. (MM) I.D. (MM) Seat Open mm mm lbs/mm Part Number
SPR-H1000D/240 29.65mm 21.85mm 20.50mm 15.50mm 96@11.80 240@11.80 14.00mm 20.70mm 12.80mm RET-H7…
SPR-H100DR/240 30.20mm 22.20mm 22.20mm 16.80mm 84@34.85 225@11.80 14.20mm 20.50mm 12.00mm RET-H7…
SPR-H1002D/240 29.05mm 21.85mm 20.50mm 15.50mm 73@34.85 225@11.80 15.30mm 19.50mm 10.00mm RET-H7…


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Engine Performance Calculations

Mean Piston Speed

MPS = 2 * Stroke * RPM / 60

@ 3500 RPM
MPS = 2*(96/1000)*3500/ 60
= 11.2 m/s

@ 7500 RPM
= 24 m/s

@ 8000 RPM
MPS = 2*(96/1000)*8000/ 60
= 25.6 m/s

Stock Honda S2k has a MSP of 25.2 m/s where as F1 cars have upwards of 25 + m/s.

Stroke Bore Ratio
Stroke: 96mm
Bore: 89.5mm
Ratio: stroke/bore
= 1.07

KA is considered a long stroke engine just barely with the CP .20 bore pistons. The engine is just out of square with a 1:1.07 ratio.

Estimated Engine Displacement with new pistons:
Original: 2389 cc
New: 2410 cc

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Suspension Geometry information

Just updated the web-blog with suspension specifications and parts codes for references.

All of the recent posts relate to specifications as I am slowly modelling the vehicle.

Parallel Linkage to Subframe Rod End
Major Diameter: 18.16mm (M18) [0.714”]
Minor Diameter:17.14mm
Thread Pitch: 16 in 1inch (0.0625mm)
Right Hand Thread
Ball Bore: 16.14mm 0.625”]
Linkage Length:

Toe Arm Linkage
Rod End Ball bore:
Rod End Thread Pitch: 1.5
Rod End Thread size: M18
Linkage Length:

Tie Rod
Outer Rod end Ball Bore:
Outer Rod end thread size:

Inner tie rod outside thead size:
Inner tie rod inside thread size:

D2 Coilovers
D2 Monotube Struts are 50mm in diameter

Torrington NTA-4052 Needle Thrust Bearing Cage And Roller Assembly x4
Bore Diameter: 2.5”
Outside Diameter: 3.25”
Overall Width: 0.0781”
Torrington TRA-4052 Needle Thrust Bearing Race x 8
Bore Diameter: 2.5”
Outside Diameter: 3.25”
Overall Width: 0.032”

Front Suspension Travel:
Compressed: 3 ½”
Spring I.D.: 2.5”
Front Main spring rate: 500lb. (9K)
Front Main spring Coils: 6
Front Main Spring Length: 6”
Front strut spare height: 2.5”
Front Tender spring rate: (200lb.)
Tender spring Coils: 5
Tender spring OD: 89mm
Tender spring height (Free Length): 3.54” (90mm)
Front Rate before Primary Spring:143lb.

Rear Suspension Travel:
Free: 5 7/8” from fender to edge of wheel
Compressed: 3 ½”
Spring I.D.: 2.5”
Rear Main spring rate: 440lb. (8k)
Rear Main spring Coils: 6
Rear Main Spring Length:8”
Rear strut spare height: 5”
Rear Tender spring rate: (150lb.)
Tender spring Coils:7
Tender spring OD:89mm
Tender spring height (Free Length): 101.5mm
Rear Drop Zone Top Hat
perch hole I.D: 22mm
height of hat: 12.96mm
Cusco Camber Plate Ball Bore: 18mm
Cusco Camber Plate Ball Diameter: 25mm
D2 dampening strut: 12mm
Rear Tender Rate before Primary Spring:112lb.

CAMBER (July 25, 2009)
FRONT DRIVER: – 2.4 degrees
REAR DRIVER: -1.8 degrees

Front Endlinks
Ball bore:10mm

Rear Endlinks
Inner bolts: 15mm
Outer bolt: 16mm
Ball Bore: 10mm

Front Sway Bar

Rear Sway Bar
Diameter: 22mm (7/8”)

240sx s14 rear suspension
The rear suspension tends to toe IN under acceleration/etc.
– Toe in helps with power-down out of a corner with the rear multi-link setup, and gives better stability throughout corners, as opposed to the twitchy toe out condition.
– Running 0 static toe in the rear, and having mostly upgraded/spherical bearings will decrease the amount of toe in throughout compression/droop, and using the specs plotted above, I should see all toe in, and NO toe out. (desirable).

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CP Pistons Specification

Bore Diameter: 3.524″ (89.5mm)
Clearance: 0.0035″ (0.0889mm)
Compression Height: 1.339″ (34.01mm)
Piston Size at Gauge Point 0.5″ (12.7mm) up from Bottom of Skirt 3.5205″ (89.42mm)
Top Groove Width: 0.04″ (1.016mm)
2nd Groove Width: 0.048″ (1.2192mm)
3rd Groove Width: 0.111″ (2.8194mm)

Top Groove Diameter: 3.223″ (81.864mm)
2nd Groove Diameter: 3.181″ (80.7974mm)
3rd Groove Diameter: 3.209″ (81.509mm)

Dish Depth: -0.215″ (-5.461mm)
Pin Diameter: 0.927″ (23.546mm)
Pin Length: 2.5″ (63.5mm)
Lock Type: .063 Wire

Weight: 346 grams (0.762lbs. each) *4= 3.048 lbs.

Current rotating assembly weight tally: 45.32 + 3.05 = 48.37 lbs.

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